Southern Tropics Pools & Spas,

I maintain my pool myself, and Southern Tropics is my "go to" place for my pool needs. Before I started going there my pool never looked as clear as it should. After Jessica analyzed a water sample and told me what to do, my water finally sparkled. Any time I have an issue they know exactly what to do to correct any imbalance in my chemicals, and can also repair any mechanical problems that arise. Southern Tropics makes caring for my pool very easy!


Southern Tropics Pools & Spas,
SouthernTropics is more than a pool store or service. I have been a loyal customer for over four years and they have never steered me wrong. Where other companies will sell you inferior products (that damage your pool system) Southern Tropics offers only the best. But better than that, they give advice for me to do almost everything myself, saving thousands in maintenance fees and having to deal with visits from surly 'cleaning guys' that don't care about my pool or show up at irregular times. Since finding Southern Tropics, My salt water pool has never looked better! I always recommend Southern Tropics to ALL of my customers who have (or want to install) a pool.

John M.

Southern Tropics Pools & Spas,
My wife and I have been visiting Southern Tropics since we moved to Pinehurst in 2012. In 2013 I became very ill and was in rehabilitation for almost two years. During the period my wife needed assistance with the Pool and this Family Run Pool and Spa store was right there when they were needed.

This store is managed by a great family who I have grown to appreciate in every way. Husband, Wife, and three great kids, although they are not kids anymore run and support the store in many ways.

When you walk in it’s on a first name basis, not just can I help you? The knowledge and experience they have is unsurpassed. Honestly, it’s not every day that you find a business that believes in Coustomer Service like these folks do. If you’re looking for professional Pool and Spa store/people you can’t go wrong with the Vaughn family, I know because I have seen them in action for over six years.

Michael R.
Chief Warrant Officer Retired
United States Army